I UK [ˈtrʌb(ə)l] / US noun
Word forms "trouble":
singular trouble plural troubles
Get it right: trouble:

Trouble is mostly used as an uncountable noun, so: ▪  it is not usually found in the plural ▪  it never comes after a or a number
Wrong: Most people who are in prison have had troubles with the law before.
Right: Most people who are in prison have had trouble with the law before.
Wrong: If they come face to face with a trouble, the first thing they do is cry.
Right: If they come face to face with trouble, the first thing they do is cry. When trouble is the object of the verbs cause and get into, it is always singular:
Wrong: Young criminals should get in touch with their victims, so that they can realize the troubles they have caused.
Right: Young criminals should get in touch with their victims, so that they can realize the trouble they have caused.
Wrong: If children get intotroubles, their parents must bail them out.
Right: If children get intotrouble, their parents must bail them out. The plural form troubles is used to refer to all the problems that a person has, and it is often used with a possessive determiner: The prime minister seemed to be brooding over his troubles. We all have our troubles and we must deal with them as best we can.
a) [countable/uncountable] problems, worries, or difficulties

The company has had serious financial troubles recently.

The trouble started when I was transferred to a new department.

You could tell your troubles to this man, she thought.

a life filled with pain and trouble

have trouble with something:

I'm having some trouble with this new software.

have trouble doing something:

He was having trouble hearing her (= finding it difficult to hear her).

cause/make trouble for someone/something:

She can make a lot of trouble for you.

cause someone/something trouble:

It would just cause me more trouble in the long run.

b) [singular] an aspect or feature of someone or something that causes problems, worries, or difficulties
the trouble (with someone/something) is (that):

The trouble with my parents is they think I'm still a child.

the only trouble (with someone/something) is (that):

The only trouble with that idea was that Isabel would never agree to it.

someone's trouble is (that):

Your trouble is you are greedy.

a) [uncountable] a health problem affecting a part of your body
heart/stomach/back trouble:

My family has a history of heart trouble.

give/cause someone trouble:

My knee's been giving me a lot of trouble lately.

have trouble with something:

She's been having a bit of trouble with her eyes.

b) a problem affecting a machine or system that makes it not work as it should
engine/mechanical trouble:

The plane developed engine trouble five minutes after take-off.

3) [uncountable] additional or special effort that causes you problems or difficulties
it's no trouble (for someone to do something):

It's no trouble at all for me to get her phone number.

I don't mind waiting – it's no trouble.

put someone to a lot of trouble:

Sorry we put you to such a lot of trouble.

take the trouble to do something:

Thank you for taking the trouble to reply.

take trouble over/with something:

She takes a considerable amount of trouble over her appearance.

go to/take a lot of trouble (to do something):

He'd gone to a lot of trouble to make the evening go perfectly.

go to the trouble of doing something:

Why go to the trouble of washing them by hand?

save someone the trouble of doing something:

I'll do your shopping to save you the trouble of going out.

save yourself trouble:

You'll save yourself a lot of trouble if you choose carefully.

be more trouble than someone/something is worth:

Growing roses is more trouble than it is worth.

4) [uncountable] an unpleasant, difficult, or dangerous situation
be in trouble:

I knew we were in trouble when the lift stopped.

The company is in trouble primarily because of poor management.

run into trouble:

The plane ran into serious trouble soon after take-off.

get into trouble:

The horse got into trouble at the first fence.

5) [uncountable] a situation for which you are likely to be blamed, criticized, or punished
be in trouble (with someone):

I hear she's in trouble with the police again.

be in serious/big/deep trouble:

If he hears about this, you'll be in big trouble.

get into trouble (for doing something):

I got into trouble for being late.

get someone into trouble:

If you break it, you'll get us all into trouble.

stay/keep out of trouble:

He's managed to stay out of trouble since coming out of jail.

6) [countable/uncountable] fighting, violence, or bad behaviour

There's been a lot of trouble in the neighbourhood recently.

trouble starts:

The trouble started when he accused someone of stealing his bicycle.

make/cause trouble:

Peter used to make a lot of trouble at school.

crowd trouble:

There was crowd trouble at the last match.

trouble flares/erupts:

Trouble flared on the estate after a youth was arrested.

trouble is brewing (for)= there's trouble brewing — used for saying that a difficult, dangerous, or violent situation is developing

II UK [ˈtrʌb(ə)l] / US verb [transitive]
Word forms "trouble":
present tense I/you/we/they trouble he/she/it troubles present participle troubling past tense troubled past participle troubled
1) to make someone worried

What's wrong? Is something troubling you?

it troubles someone that:

It troubles me that I haven't heard from her recently.

a) spoken formal to cause someone a slight problem or difficulty by asking them to do something for you

I'm sorry you've been troubled – it won't happen again.

trouble yourself:

"I'll call her if you like." "No, don't trouble yourself."

b) spoken formal used for making a polite request

I'm sorry to trouble you, but can I borrow a pen?

trouble someone for something:

Could I trouble you for a lift home?

trouble someone to do something:

Could I trouble you to pass the butter?

3) [usually progressive] if a part of your body is troubling you, it is not working as it should and is causing you pain

His right shoulder is troubling him.

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